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Privacy Policy XLR BVBA

XLR BVBA maintains a strict privacy policy. We take your privacy very seriously and take thoughtfully care of your personal information. This privacy policy, from the websites of XLR BVBA and the companies that are associated with XLR BVBA, indicates how we deal with the information of prospects, customers and partners.

The privacy statement applies to all personal data obtained through the XLR websites or via another channel of XLR and is in line with the new European GDPR legislation of the processing and protection of personal data.

You should be aware that XLR is not responsible for the privacy policies of other sites and sources. XLR respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that all your personal information is treated confidentially.



Your personal data are processed by XLR for the following purposes and legal grounds:

  1. The use of our services.
  2. Communication.



When you sign up for one of our services, we can ask you to provide personal information. We may request the following personal data; name, first name, telephone, address, language and e-mail address. The data is used to perform the service correctly. The data is stored on secure servers of XLR or those of a third party. We will not combine this information with other personal information.



When you send an e-mail or other messages to us, we may save those messages. Sometimes we may ask personal details that are relevant to the situation in question. The personal data that we can request are; name, first name, telephone, address, language and e-mail address. This makes  possible to process your questions and to answer your requests. The data is stored on secure servers of XLR or those of a third party. We will not combine this information with other personal information.



We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a simple small file that a website stores on your hard disk via the browser. Information is stored in a cookie.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default, but you can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. However, some features and services on our and other websites may not function properly if cookies are disabled in your browser.



We do not collect or use information for purposes other than the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, for the use of our services and communications, unless we have obtained your consent in advance.



We may furnish third parties with the information that you provide to us if this is necessary for carrying out the above described purposes. In some cases the information can be shared internally, our employees are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data.

XLR never transmits personal data to other parties with whom we have not entered into a processor agreement. We, of course, make the necessary arrangements with these parties to ensure the security of your personal data.

Furthermore, XLR will pass on personal information to third parties if this is legally required and permitted. We may also share personal data with third parties if you give us permission in writing. You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. We do not provide personal data to parties which are located outside the EU.



XLR does not store personal data longer than necessary for the purpose for which it was provided or required by law. The personal data will be removed from our database after a maximum inactive period of 5 years.

You have the right to inspect and the right to correct or remove your personal data. At the bottom of this privacy statement you can find our contact information. To check your identity, we may ask you to send a copy of the frontside of your identity card. We strongly advise to make your passport photo invisible and to mention that it is a copy.

You can also object to the processing of your personal data (or a part thereof) by us or by one of our processors.

You also have the right to transfer your personal data by XLR to yourself or by order of you directly to another party. We can ask you to identify yourself, before we can respond to these requests.

XLR strives to protect your personal data as well as possible. This is done both by technical and organizational measures, for example we have taken the following measures:

  • All persons who can take note of your data on behalf of XLR are obliged to maintain their confidentiality.
  • We use a username and password policy on all our systems.
  • Personal data are backed up to be able to recover from physical or technical incidents.
  • Our employees have been informed about the importance of the protection of personal data.


As provided for by the privacy legislation, you can always have your data modified / removed free of charge. Please contact us via the contact details below. To check your identity, we may ask you to send a copy of the frontside of your identity card. We strongly advise you to make your passport photo invisible and to mention that it is a copy. You will also find at the bottom of each mailing the possibility to change your details or to unsubscribe from the newsletter.



We regularly check whether we comply with this privacy policy. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us:

Pierre Strauwenstraat 24
1020 Brussels

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data, we ask you to contact us directly.
You always have the right to submit a complaint with the Privacy Commission, this is the Belgian supervisory authority in the field of privacy protection.




XLR BVBA reserves the right to change this privacy policy. We will implement the changes on this page.

All orders, which are accepted by our representatives, are only valid after confirmation by XLR BVBA. They will be executed according to the conditions of our confirmation. On the other hand, the client is bound as soon as he has signed or contracted the order form with the representative.

We will, as far as possible, adhere to the delivery terms, but these are not binding. If the payment terms are not punctually executed, i.e. regarding the advance payments to be made by the buyer at the time of the order, we reserve the right to suspend delivery. If the goods are not picked up at the set times, the payment due dates will start from the time the goods are made available. Under no circumstances can a delay on our part in the execution of an order result in formalities for us or the destruction of the order, nor the buyer's right to make arrangements with third parties on our behalf. In the event that, for whatever reason, the buyer refuses to accept delivery of the sold item, an amount of 50% of the invoice shall be due to us by operation of law as compensation.

The goods are transported at the addressee's risk, regardless of the terms of delivery and the method of shipment. Transport costs will be charged if the order is less than 500€ (net purchase ex VAT).

Our invoices are payable either in cash or on the stated due date. Current sale is expressly conditional. Ownership of the goods sold will only accrue to the buyer after payment of all amounts due in principal, interest and costs. The risks associated with the goods remain at the expense of the buyer. Should the buyer fail to comply with one of his obligations or commitments, we will be entitled to regard this as expiry of the permitted terms, or to dissolve the contract. In this case, the sale will be terminated by operation of law and without any other formalities, the deliveries made will have to be returned immediately to the registered office of the company and we will be entitled to compensation of 50% of the amount of the invoice. We shall be entitled to claim payment to this amount. Any sum not paid on the day on which it becomes due will automatically and without formal notice incur interest of 10% per annum. Moreover, if the non-payment lasts more than 15 days, the amount will be increased ipso jure and without notice of default by 15% as an additional penalty clause, with a minimum of 24,79€. Our bills of exchange do not imply any novation.

Any complaint regarding visible defects of any delivery must reach XLR BVBA within eight days after the invoice or delivery. Once this period has passed, the delivery will be considered accepted. We refuse the return of goods without prior written agreement. In addition, our material is guaranteed for a legal period, after delivery. This guarantee is limited to the replacement of parts and faulty parts. This warranty is not extended to the consequences that would be due to the normal wear and tear of the parts, to the negligence or misuse of the equipment. Finally, no damages will be claimed. The guarantee does not exempt the buyer from payment. Replacement or modification of the items during the period of the warranty may under no circumstances entail an extension of the warranty period. Handiwork and repairs of worn material do not entail a warranty. The warranty will come to an end, definitively in case a person, foreign to our personnel and not authorized by us, would have tried to arrange and/or repair devices. The same will happen if the buyer fails to comply with any of his obligations.

In the event of a dispute of any kind, only the Courts of Brussels shall have jurisdiction.

We hereby disclaim any general condition of sale that would appear on our clients' letters, vouchers or documents. Only our terms and conditions of sale are applicable, except for our express stipulation. The handing over of the order implies the acceptance without reservation of this condition.

A contract is only considered as existing after written confirmation on our part. Any contestation of the existence by the buyer must take place within eight days after receipt thereof.

We do not accept any liability for the damage, which may or may not be caused by the negligence of the client.